【TABIOCHA03】The Adventure of Natural Hot springs near Las Vegas!!

The ghost town of Warm Springs (NV) is located approximately 3 hours north of Las Vegas. This town has thrived since about 1866 as a resort town with natural hot springs and as a stopover for pioneers and travelers. The population has continued to decline over time as the town evolved from a small settlement to a ghost town. Today, only the springs are remaining. Visitors are allowed to use the hot spring pool, provided they do not mess the place up and do clean up after themselves. It is therefore required to behave with good manners and bring your own rubbish home. Because the doors of the pool are kept closed, it is also asked to close them properly after leaving. On the day we shot this episode, the temperature outside was 48 °C (118.4ºF) under the sun and the humidity was about 4%. As a result, the temperature of the hot spring water was extremely high, almost 44.5 °C (112.1ºF), which is unthinkable in our country Japan! We’ve been told that the pool is kept clean, but if you are worried about water sanitation, we’d recommend you bring some extra water to rinse off your body as there is no other water available nearby. There are also no gas stations on the way, so you’d better fill up your tank when you leave Las Vegas. In fact, there are no houses or anything, it is just an area of infinite wilderness, with mountains in the distance. We never thought we’d see an Air Force fighter training flight. It was much more powerful than any air show, that got us pretty pumped up! We saw during our trip a fairly large dust devil that rose high into the sky, in the middle of nowhere. Check the link below for more info on the “dust devil” phenomenon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dust_devil

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